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Anonymous asked: hey u have rlly nice style, i too like to dress in a gothic-ish (balmain meets rick owens meets someone who can't afford either) style and i saw the south korean websites that you recommended. what has been your experience with them? i want to get some stuff but im not sure about the product you actually receive. thanks ^.^

Hi! And thanks. It’s been my experience that most of the high end street fashion stuff can be replicated fairly easily, because those designers are after all influenced by Asian street style. I’ve purchased several items from the VirginBlak site, but nothing from Gentler Shop yet, having only discovered it recently. One thing I noticed was that they carry similar (or even identical products). I think this is because they support smaller independant designers in the area, and sell to a much larger market than they’d be able to on their own. 

You will find of course, that the fit is much smaller than you’d be used to in North America. I wear a Small here, and I only really shop at the stores that offer a true-to-size or a slim Small. So you can understand I’m a fairly slender individual. Some of the product I’ve bought from overseas has been rather snug, even for me, but they usually have some ribbing or spandex content to make it work out. I’m not dramatically tall (5’11”), but with my proportions I’m mostly torso, and sometimes the shirts are just not quite long enough, but it is easily remedied with something underneath.

Most of these stores have a fairly good return policy, but I’ve never had to use it. On occasion, Virgin Blak will run out of a product I’ve ordered (again, smaller designers, smaller runs), and they will refund me as well as offering a credit for my next purchase. Great support, and shipping is usually around 10 business days to Ontario from South Korea. 

This may be starting to sound like a plug, but I’ve been completely happy with everything I’ve got so far. The website has a lot of clothes that I would never think about wearing, but there is plenty of good stuff that makes browsing through worth it. You may just have to buy something sight unseen, and find out if the fit and style works for you.

This ended up being long, but I hope it helps.